China United Cement Group Corporation
China United Cement Group Corporation Limited (“CUCC”) was founded in 1999. Through M&A, restructure, technology innovation and development in recent years, it has grown from a cement company with annual capacity of 1.3 million tons to now a large-scale cement corporation which has one world-leading 10000t/d and several nation-leading 6000t/d and 5000t/d NSP production lines. CUCC owns over 30 branch and subsidiary companies covering Shandong , Jiangsu , Henan , Hebei , Anhui and Sichuan provinces. Currently, CUCC has total assets amounted to RMB15 billion, annual capacity 40 million tons and has become one of the largest state key foster cement corporations.

CUCC, as one of the core cement businesses of China National Building Material Company Limited (HK3323, CNBM), has operations in clinker production, clinker grinding stations and ready-mix concrete production. With a now unified China United brand ‘CUCC' and the same quality, environmental, safety and metrology authentication standards, CUCC provides its customers with constant high-quality products and services. CUCC aims to maximize the interests of its shareholders..

CUCC is committed to achieving harmonization between people and the environment with domestic and overseas talents, co-operating with our customers, suppliers, technological research and design entities, and peers in the industry to create value, fostering the development of cement industry, devoting itself to the Chinese economic development. We are looking forward to a brighter future.
South Cement Company Limited
South Cement Company Limited (“South Cement”) is one of the core cement businesses of China National Building Material Company Limited (HK3323, CNBM). The company was registered in Shanghai on the 5 th September, 2007 with its operation headquarter in Hangzhou , Zhejiang Province. South Cement had registered capital of RMB3.5 billion, among which, RMB2.635 billion from CNBM representing 75% shares. Zhejiang Bangda, Jiangxi Cement, Hunan SASAC, Jianfeng Group and Beijing Huachen held 12.5%, 4%, 3%, 3% and 2.5% shares respectively.

The establishment of South Cement was greatly supported and highly praised by SASAC, China Building Materials Federation, China Cement Association, government departments of all levels in the south east economic zone and also welcomed by a large amount of cement companies.

Since its establishment, South Cement followed a development concept of ‘Expand through consolidation, Energy saving through technology innovation, Avoid price wars through market coordination, Create value through capital market' and consolidated scores of companies in the southeast economic zone in a short period of time. At the end of 2008, the production capacity of South Cement was over 100 million tons. Its market region covered Zhejiang , Shanghai , Jiangsu , Anhui , Hunan , Jiangxi , Guangxi and etc. South Cement became a large-scale market orientated cement corporation with great influence in the southeast economic zone and scope of sustainable development.

South Cement propelled consolidation and layout optimization as well as confirmed a CRM Operation Strategy with main content of ‘Leading in cost saving, regionalization and market expansion'. It also constructed a clear organizational structure, a sound business management system internally controlled by the group and improved its regional market competitiveness and profitability. South Cement strives to create a company that meets ‘4 standards': ‘Innovative, Resources Saving, Environmental Friendly and Social Responsible' based on its corporate spirit of ‘Use resources wisely to serve construction development'. It is committed to be the largest, most dominate, profitable, high-tech and operational superior cement company in China.
North Cement Company Limited
North Cement Company Limited (“North Cement”) was established on 6 March 2009 by China National Building Material Company Limited (HK3323, CNBM), Liaoyuan Jingang Cement Company Limited and Hony Capital Management ( Tianjin )(Limited Partnership). Registered capital of North Cement is RMB1 billion.

The establishment of North Cement represents CNBM's recent strategic layout in the northern area after the completion of cement segment layout of South Cement in the Southeast Economic Zone and China United in the Huaihai Economic Zone. It follows the trend of industrial development in the northern area and it is in accordance with the government's policy of supporting the growth of large cement corporations through acquisitions.

North Cement will cooperate with industrial and financial capital, raise capital in steps to achieve roll-over development, consolidate the cement industry in northeast China and inner Mongolia through market mechanism, strive to reach cement production capacity of 50 million tons and become the largest, most competitive and most environmental friendly cement company in northern China.

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